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    Một bài viết chẳng đâu vào đâu cả, cứ như đi câu cá mà chẳng câu được con cá nào

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    Một bài viết chẳng đâu vào đâu cả, cứ như đi câu cá mà chẳng câu được con cá nào
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    Interfering With Play – Tuesday 7th September 2010

    Welcome to this week’s Interfering With Play. I have really tried to spend some time with PES 2010 over the past seven days, but having played PES 2011 now, there is simply no going back. There are so many different things, little and large that the latest instalment of PES does better than the previous one. Dribbling, Tackling, Heading, Long Balls, Short Passing and Jostling are all head and shoulders above Pro Evo 2010, and I have actually considered getting PS+ to get my hands on the game a week early. With the demo scheduled for the ‘early’ release on September 8th, and with the day off from work on Thursday, I’d be hard pressed to turn it down. The question remains, how many of you guys feel the same? How many people will sign up to Playstation’s top service to get the demo 7 days in advance? If your going to, let me know! With that said, lets crack on with this week’s Interfering With Play.

    “Haters Where You At”

    As sure as the seasons, the age old debate once again reared its head on PESGaming last week, which is better, PS3 or 360? This of course all stemmed from the lack of PR surrounding the Microsoft demo that has been promised to PC and PS3 users on September 15th. Understandably there are some annoyed gamers out there, and some very smug sounding PS3 ones who feel slight revenge for the GTA packs that were held back due to a deal with X Box. Anyway, to go back slightly, the PES 2008 demo came out on X Box 360 around three weeks before the game’s release, whereas the PS3 demo didn’t actually become available until after the game was released in shops. I do understand the pain that 360 gamers will be experiencing, and I hope that Microsoft release the demo at the same time, but I also know that if it doesn’t come out on the same days, it wouldn’t be a huge shock. Gamers can not get upset because one franchise releases one demo at a different time on different consoles, as it has been happening for years, and just as Sony gamers would be annoyed if it were their franchise getting delayed, the fact is it is just an industry standard.

    With the above said, I would like to weigh in my views on the so called console wars. When I first started writing IWP, I got quite involved in my support of PS3 and Sony, and to this day, I am yet to really fall into love with the X Box 360. I can accept that certain 360 franchises are very appealing, and the console as a whole has been marketed and redeveloped well over the years. I can also fully accept that just like the red ring of death, the yellow light of doom is a very real and heart wrenching problem. Last Christmas time I lost all my saved games and had to splash out another £250+ on another PS3! However, in spite all of this I am still fully in support of Playstation Three.

    Perhaps this is blinkered, but my reasoning is very simple. For Pro Evolution Soccer, Playstation has always been the better console. I stand by this through thick and thin, and the editing issue is a huge part of my reasoning. I love the fact my PES can look amazing, that I can download incredible option files with completed kits, logos and in some cases player faces. I like the fact I can have 6 mates round and we play a fix cursor tournament, and I have spent my PES gaming experience using the familiar Dual Shock controller. Other games, many of which that are exceptionally enjoyable, still fall second behind PES, which is still my main source of gaming output.

    For the all round gamer, the hardcore online player or the collector, who has to have every great title, I think the argument may have more depth. Some games may have extra DLC, or new features or simply look better, and one console may have a genre of exclusive title more suited to an individuals taste, but for me, I am still very much PS3. As for the debate with X Box Live and PSN, I don’t really have enough first hand research to comment. A friend purchased a 360 for online gaming because he kept on getting disconnected on PS3, and then found the problem was worse on his Live connection, requiring a whole new phone line.

    I am sure the debate will always continue on some level, and I fully respect other points from other individuals, but for me the console to get the best out of PES on is the Playstation Three.

    “That Diagonal”

    I can’t stress this enough, but the difference between the long diagonal ball on PES 2010 and 2011 is massive. As a tactic, it is one some games may have never used, and others wouldn’t have even thought about. As AC Milan, you pick the ball up deep with Pirlo, turn and try and hit a ball into the opposing corner for Pato to run onto. Scholes has been doing it all season for Manchester United so far, and whilst it may not be the glamorous style of Barcelona, it is a very effective way of getting defenders turned, working the ball quickly into a crossing position and isolating a winger with his full back.

    Or it should be, because on PES 2010, that long diagonal ball seems almost magnetic. The furthest you can hit that pass seems to be to the opposition’s full back, or their deepest player. It is nearly impossible to control when that ball goes over the players head by power alone, even more impossible to manipulate the angle, and will nearly always catch your team mates out with a sense of ‘what was that pass about!’

    PES 2011 (in my experience) allows this to become a genuine tactic. I am not calling it a long ball to a target man, something associated with a Crouch or a Kevin Davies, but instead a way of playing with a decent, long passing play maker and lighting quick wingers or wing backs. Think Brazil ’98 with Dunga, Cafu and Roberto Carlos and you will have the idea of what I mean. If the AI manages to exploit this tactic, it means we will have to start using man marking on certain players, perhaps position defenders deeper or maybe even adapt out own formation to contest with the opponents. And from a personal point of view, having another tactic in my arsenal again human opponents (both on and offline) is a welcome addition. I hope the mode doesn’t get tweaked out of PES 2011 in the final stages and as long as its there, I will be singing its praises once more in the review!

    “I Didn’t Like That”

    I had to smile the other day when reading one of the comments about PES 2010. Someone on the boards (and apologies for not name dropping) said that the previous (well current) version of PES was boring because all the AI seemed to do was knock the ball around in their own half, and he was chasing it like a headless chicken (or words to that effect). The fact that the AI does this should be celebrated, not ridiculed as it is a genuine footballing tactic that takes place in 90% of top flight games. Not all games are end to end action fests and there are periods in the game which one team will maintain possession. Granted, the Ai does usually do it at times when the ball needs to be moved forward (1-0 down with 5 minutes to go) but at least it is not simply a case of running with the ball until tackled.

    Turning a passing game into a valid tactic would require the AI to actually be aware of the situation within the match (time left, score line etc.) something which I believe has been made realism in PES 2011. But at the same time, every time the Ai starts to knock the ball around the back, I would give a fair bit of money that most games will chase the ball around with their quickest player hoping to nip it back, sprint constantly held down. In real football, most teams (especially at the top level) allow the opposing CB to maintain possession of the ball in their own half, and set the stall up to be broken down. Watch Barcelona, or Chelsea or Manchester United for a full 90 minute match, and see how many times the players are unpressured when in their own half. Watch them against a weaker team, and the emphasis is placed even more on defending, and the CB will be able to make it to the half way line unchallenged. As gamers, this is no fun for us, but it is the realism many of us still crave. Very few of us will sit back and absorb pressure, and when we do, the rewards will normally be a swift counter attack. Counter attacking will once again be hugely aided by manual passing, but the defensive side of it is something we, as a gaming public need to embrace.

    As a test, I open up to the PES Gaming community who are still playing PES 2010 online to try for 45 minutes of keep ball, and watch how your opponent charges around after you. A top player will defend and then wait for your mistake, (unless the are a Barca boy) and then break on you with devastating affects. Knock the ball around for 45 minutes, and you will usually end up 2 players to the good too, as most gamers will get frustrated and sent off. It sounds simple, but this is a genuine tactic, and one that whilst not perfect in PES 2010, is something that can and hopefully will be built on.

    “It’s That’s Time Of Year”

    Finally this week, may I officially open the doors to the IWP Player Of The Season Awards for PES 2010. For newbies to the site, these awards have been running for the past three years, and are the chance for you to recognise the virtual players who have been scoring your goals, making your tackles and saving your shots over the past 12 months. This could be a player you signed on a free for Master League, a youngster you developed into a world star or simply you favourite player from your favourite club.

    The rules are simple, you are allowed to pick your top three players from PES 2010 (in any order) and simply leave their names in comment form below or send them to me via e-mail. Only genuine players will be counted in the final poll ( in other words, real players playing for real teams) and try to think of players who have been good for you personally. For the past two years, the Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has convincingly won the award, and prior to that the award has also gone to Cristiano Ronaldo (PES 6). Voting will be open until 30th September, with the announcement of the winner to take place in the following week’s Interfering With Play.

    That’s your lot for this week. I hope you take the time to vote for your IWP Player of the Season, as it is usually a hotly contested competition involving over a hundred different players. is the place to direct any e-mails to, and if you do manage get the demo on Wednesday (8th) please let me know what your opinions are either via e-mail or in the usual comment fashion.

    Thanks for Reading
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    Kết nhất của thằng KONAMi là cái tính chân thực
    cái này thì EA chắc không bao giờ có được



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